Programme of Readings for Sunday Afternoon Meetings.

This year we have been working through Mark's Gospel.

We shall complete the series in September and then start a new theme.

07/08/2022 Mark 12 v 1 to 27
14/08/2022 Mark 12 v 28 to 44
21/08/2022 Mark 13 v 1 to 37
04/09/2022 Mark 14 v 1 to 31
11/09/2022 Mark 14 v 32 to 52
18/09/2022 Mark 14 v 53 to 72

We would love you to join with us on Sunday Afternoons at 4.30pm but if that is not possible why not keep pace with us as we read our way through Mark's Gospel?

For the "Open" sessions we invite people to contribute readings, hymns, songs, prayers or writings which are important and helpful to them.  This then enables greater sharing and a less formal time of worship and fellowship.